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Hello, My name is Luke.


I have spent my entire professional career as an expert resource for insurance professionals and financial advisors across the country who understand the importance of protecting their clients’ biggest asset, their ability to earn an income. As the owner of Disability Insurance Broker Services (DIBS), it is my goal to educate, plan for, and provide financial security in case a serious injury or illness takes away your ability to work and earn an income.

With my years of experience and expertise, I have developed a fine-tuned process to make income protection planning as simple and easy as possible. We can customize the perfect solution for any need and any budget with access to all the top disability insurance carriers and products on the market.

If your lifestyle depends on your ability to earn an income, let’s set up an appointment to either review your current coverage or implement a plan to insure that a disability doesn’t damage your future goals and dreams.

Our Simple 3-Step Process



The first step in the DIBS process is a 30-minute introductory phone call. We will discuss the necessary information required to develop an income protection plan that fits your needs. With this information we will review your existing coverage, provide analysis, and recommendations about whether to reduce, supplement, replace or keep your coverage as is. We work with all of the top insurance carriers to design the best solutions for your personal situation.

DURATION: 30 minutes



This appointment will include a detailed review of our recommendations based on the information obtained during our initial phone call. Our goal in this step is to educate you on the benefits and options available so that we can customize the perfect policy that fits your specific needs and desires.

DURATION: 60 minutes



At this point we will answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We will finalize the options and benefits that you desire and move forward with the application process over the phone.

DURATION: Less than 60 minutes

Have a question on a contract feature? Need help increasing your coverage? Call anytime! We are always available and eager to assist you before, during, and after you make the decision to purchase insurance.


Want to learn more about your options? Need help increasing your coverage? Talk to us!

We pledge to be here each step of the way, to make sure you and your family are secure.


Trusted advice at every STEP

Not sure if disability insurance is right for you and your family? Wondering what types of plans are even available?

We are here for you! We will answer any questions you have with a free no-pressure consultation, to make sure you are equipped with everything you need to make an informed decision.


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